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The Social Network for Business Travel

Maintaining connections, both personal and professional, is vital for business travelers. Staying connected helps in managing the emotional challenges of travel, maintaining relationships, and leveraging opportunities for professional growth.

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Get the most out of each business trip

Business trips can be isolating experiences. Once the work is over for the day, business travellers often find themselves alone in hotel rooms in unfamiliar locations.

RAVL is a social network for business travellers which enables members to connect with each other, in-person, while away from home.

One-to-one Connections

Business or Social

When travelling, members can see who else is going to be in the same location at the same time and arrange to meet.

Build your profile and find other members to connect with. Follow updates and send messages.

Meet for coffee, dinner or to watch the game. 

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Members-only Events

Networking as it should be

For those who prefer to meet in groups, RAVL Events are just the ticket.

From pub meetups to superyacht parties, we have events for every taste and experiences that will take your business trip to the next level.

Local Offers

Support Local Business

Supporting local business is really important to us, especially when travelling, but it's often difficult to find that great family-owned restaurant or boutique clothes shop.

At RAVL we partner with local, independent business to give our members special offers and discounts wherever they are.

It's never been easier to support local when you travel.

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What our members say

Jan Skroud


Great mix of ambitious people. I feel inspired every time I go. 


Ieva Dvilinskiene


Great community event to meet like-minded people and expand your horizons.


Peter Smith


If you dislike networking events then I challenge you to give RAVL a go as this will inevitably change your opinion.


At RAVL, it's our mission to create a better life-on-the-road for business travellers.

Get out of your accommodation and connect, in person, with people who share your interests and experience something new while you're away from home.